Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks

From Preschool Play

Alphabet blocks with just one letter on each block are a great toy to have for your preschool child. You'll find she can learn a great deal through playing with them, especially with you. Not only can she become the architect of great buildings, roads or skyscrapers (which are fun to knock down), but building can also help budding coordination skills.

When you work with your child, ask her to hand you blocks by using the name of the letter on them. As she picks up blocks, ask her to tell you the name of each block, also. Before beginning to build, help put the blocks into sequence in a long row beginning with Aa. Then say or sing the ABC song 2 or 3 times as you touch each one. This will help her to learn to recognize each letter as she plays with the blocks. You can also talk about the shapes of each letter. Point out those lower case letters that have tails that hang down or tall sticks that reach up. Don't forget to talk about the sizes of the boxes as you play.

This will help increase your child's vocabulary as you choose big, little, middle size, bigger, smaller, large, tiny, etc. blocks. Once she knows the letter's names and sounds, you can begin to spell out simple words placing the boxes next to each other in what can be humorous configurations.


26 boxes with tops. Any size will work--all the same or different sizes

White wrapping paper (not tissue) or newsprint paper

White glue


1. Cut the paper to the right size to cover each box.

2. Spread glue on the edges of the box so the paper will stick smoothly to all sides as you wrap the box.

3. Print an alphabet letter, either capital or lower case or both, on the boxes.

4. Let kids build with their new alphabet blocks.

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