Victorian May Day Baskets

Victorian May Day Baskets
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Victorian may basketMay baskets evolved from an old tradition that involves gathering fresh flowers or placing small candies inside of a handmade basket. That basket is then hung on a neighbor's door knob or left on the door step for its recipient to discover. The history of course, goes far deeper than that, but today we are talking baskets. One variation says that baskets were left on doorsteps, the door bell rang and the giver would run away. If the receiver could catch the giver, a kiss was to be exchanged.

This pretty little Victorian style May basket is made from a recycled yogurt cup, fabric scraps and other bits and baubles.

What you need

plastic yogurt cup
plastic container top (such as sour cream or margarine tub top)
plastic Palette cup
white spray paint
spray adhesive
glue gun
fabric scraps
chenille for basket handle
misc pretties to decorate basket

What you do

Cut the outer rim of container top off. Cut out a 2" circle from the center of the container lid, it will look like a donut. Snip donut shape piece and overlap about an inch or so then hot glue together.



Place the palette cup upside down, then set the yogurt cup, right side up, on top of the palette cup base. Place the "donut" rim on top of the yogurt cup. This is just to get an idea of what your basket will look like, so don't glue anything together yet. Take all pieces outside and paint with spray paint.

Make a pattern for the basket body by laying the yogurt cup on its side, then with a pencil, slowly trace top, then bottom of cup as you roll it on its side.

Cut out the pattern, place it on the fabric and cut fabric about 1/2 inch on all sides. For the basket rim, cut fabric about an inch wider than the collar. Cut another fabric collar piece from coordinating fabric (i.e. satin) to use as an underlining.



Spray the outside of the yogurt cup with spray adhesive. Take fabric yogurt piece and wrap around cup, leaving 1/2 inch above and at the bottom of the cup. With hot glue, tuck the fabric ends over and below cup. Hot glue a piece of lace or other trim inside the edge of the cup.



Spray basket collar with adhesive and cover with fabric in the same fashion as you did the basket. Cut an X in inside area, cut excess fabric as shown leaving a little over 1/4 inch to glue and tuck under inside rim.

Make a handle for the basket with chenille wire stem. You may wrap ribbon around it or leave plain. Bend each end of the stem 1/2 inch from end and glue on the inside collar, bent stems should be glued to the underside of the collar.

Note from Mary: "I kind of fiddled with the under side of collar lining- and I am sure there is a better way. I sprayed the underside of collar with adhesive, took the circle I had cut out and placed it on underside of collar then trimmed away excess to just 1/8 inch from edge of collar. Trims and laces were then hot glued to cover raw edges."

Glue pedestal base on basket and use trims to cover. You may also choose to cover pedestal in fabric then glue to basket.



Decorate the basket using beads, silk flowers, lace, or any other bits or baubles you have on hand.

This photo is of another version using the same basket design, just different decorating fabrics and accessories.


Victorian basket

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