Valentine's Tea Cup Invitations

Valentine's Tea Cup Invitations
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Are you having a Valentine's Day tea party? Make these cute little tea cup invitations to send out to your guests.

You will need

1 piece of patterned cardstock (approx. 4x6)
2 pieces complimentary scrapbook paper or cardstock (colors to compliment each other as well as your patterned paper)
White ribbon
Tea cup pattern
Craft knife or box cutter
Glue stick

What you do

Print the tea cup pattern and trim off excess paper. Fold the 4x6 patterned cardstock in half.


Trim off the top of the tea cup along the pattern line. Line up the top of the tea cup pattern with the fold in the patterned cardstock. You can secure it in place at the fold with a couple of paper clips if you like. Cut out the tea cup from the cardstock, leaving the fold in tact.

Use craft knife to cut out the cup handle from the PATTERN, not from your cardstock.

Place the pattern on to one of the complimentary pieces of paper and trace the handle opening. Cut out the opening and erase any pencil marks. Use glue stick to attach to the tea cup shaped cardstock.

Cu out two hearts from both pieces of complimentary papers, one larger than the other and glue to the front of the card. Tie a piece of white ribbon into a bow and use a dab of white craft glue to secure it to the front of the card.

Write your invitation information inside the card.

Here are some great ideas for hosting your own Valentine's Day Tea Party.


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