Valentine's Day Party Fun from 1927

Valentine's Day Party Fun from 1927
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valentinesA charming Valentine's Day party for friends and family is easy to plan. It can be a lovely Saturday afternoon event if Valentine's Day falls on a weekday, or a smaller get together after work and school. Invite children and adults, especially those who are single and may be feeling a bit left out.

Even the toughest person feels a little melancholy when everyone around them is celebrating their relationships. This goes double for those who have a lost a husband or wife. Valentine's Day celebrations can be used to show our friends and family how much we love them, whether they are single or in a relationship.

Keep your Valentine’s Day celebration light and whimsical with a pretty punch, decorations and light food. 

Raspberry Mint Punch 


1 sprig mint

1/2 cup ripe raspberries

1 quart lemonade 

Bruise the leaves and stems of the mint, and crush the berries, putting them in the ice cold lemonade at least two hours before serving. Strain before serving. 6 servings. 

Notes: If you don't grow mint it's almost always in the grocery store. You don't need much. I see no reason not to use frozen raspberries. 

The following ideas are from The Christian Herald, the February 1927 edition. The magazine's tag line was "An Illustrated News Weekly for the Home." It was published out of New York City. 


Red and white streamers may be cut and hung from picture molding and chandelier-hearts may be pinned or pasted upon all available places. Pussy Willows-which are just beginning to show their soft gray heads, around the middle of this month-can be placed in jar and in flower bowls to give that gentleness and charm that only God's growing things can impart to a room. 

If the refreshments are served from a buffet, the matter of decoration is easy. Just a vase of flowers (red and white carnations) to give color-and red and white paper napkins to be distributed to the guests. 

For a centerpiece one can use fruit, or a cake frosted in red and white or an arrangement of red candles-if flowers are not available. 


If you want an elaborate repast you may have, for your party, bouillon served in cups, sandwiches and a salad, cake and ice cream and cocoa for the youngsters and coffee for the grown-ups. 

A simpler way is to serve merely sandwiches, your cocoa and coffee, and a sweet. 

Bouillon may be made from your own special stock. It can be bought in cans and also be obtained in cube form. Choose the easiest way. Sandwiches of Boston brown or nut bread spread with cream or cottage cheese and currant jelly are always liked. Sandwiches made of chicken--put through the grinder with stuffed olives and mixed into a paste with mayonnaise are also well liked. Cut these into heart shapes with a fancy cookie cutter.

Cake should, of course, be made after the hostess's favorite recipe. But it should always be iced in white and decorated with cherries (maraschino or candied) or red gum drops or red cinnamon candies. Some people prefer drop cakes or frosted cookies.


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