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Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated as a day of romantic love, but it's also a wonderful time to show family and friends of all ages how much we love having them in our lives.

A multi-generational party is a lovely way of celebrating Valentine's Day. Invite children, grandparents, elderly neighbors, teenagers, aunts, uncles and friends of all ages to play games and share stories.

Old fashioned games are so much fun when giving a party that includes older friends and family along with the younger generation because the games bring back memories for the older guests, but are new to many of the children. 

The games below are from 1905 and 1927, which was a time without cell phones, MP3 players or laptops.  Start the party off by asking everyone to place their devices in a basket at the door, and allow them to check them during a break at some point if they are worried about missing an important call.

Game prizes can be inexpensive items such as candy, stationary, candles, small books, or old fashioned toys such as marbles, pick-up-sticks, Old Maid playing cards etc.  Serve punch, cookies and snacks before and after the games.

The Christian Herald, February 1927 includes two simple but fun games.


WORD GAME: Give each guest a pencil and a paper and allow the group ten minutes to get as many words as possible from the one long word, "Valentine".  For instance, "tent", "van", "ten".

SHATTERED HEARTS: Cut a number of large red cardboard hearts into sixteen pieces each (all the hearts should be cut in the same way). Give one set of pieces to each couple. The couple that puts together their heart first wins the game.


The games below are from Bright Ideas for Entertaining, published in 1905. From reading the entire text it seems like these were games played by young, unmarried adults, but they will certainly work well for all ages.

THROWING HEARTS: A low scrap basket was placed in the centre of the room, and the company arranged into opposing parties, forming two half circles around the basket. Cardboard hearts in two different colors were given the sides, an equal number to each side. We were then requested to try to throw them in the basket, and all endeavored to do so, but found they had a tantalizing way of landing on the floor. When we had exhausted our cards, those in the basket were counted, and the side having the most of its own color won the game.

BLIND HEARTS: A small blackboard was placed on an easel at one end of the room, and we were each in turn blindfolded, and handed a piece of chalk with which to draw an outline of a heart, and to write our name in the center. The one doing the best should be given a prize of a large candy heart.

SHADOW PICTURES: White cards with numbers in cherry ink and small cherry colored pencils were passed to each. As the shadow (profile) was thrown upon the sheet, the name was written after the number on the card. Prizes were given for the most correct guesses. The girls' prize was a cherry-colored satin pin cushion in the shape of a heart; the boys', an earthen pig.


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