Tis the Season: What Matters Most

Tis the Season: What Matters Most
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Christmas TreeThe holiday season is upon us, and that means people everywhere are scrambling to decorate their homes, attend holiday events, and purchase gifts for loved ones.

With so much to do it is easy to get caught up in the rush and chaos. When that happens rather than enjoying the spirit of joy, sharing and giving, we are very likely to feel stressed and frustrated. And that can definitely dampen the holiday mood.

Slow Things Down

The ‘holiday rush’ results in panic for many people. There are fears about not getting everything done as well as worries that what is accomplished is not enough. Slowing things down is a great way to eliminate or at least minimize these concerns.

Planning is the first step to making the holiday season less stressful. Start with your priorities. For instance, the major goal for most people is to show friends and family that they are special.

This does not mean you have to buy extravagant gifts or spend a lot of money to impress others. Giving gifts that have meaning is the best way to show others how much you care.

Simple Gifts Can Be Memorable Gifts

Even the simplest of gifts can have significant meaning to the recipient. That is, if you put a little thought into the gift. A box of home-baked cookies will please most people on your list. Or you can consider giving the recipe for a favorite dish that you are known for.

To take things a step further you can gather the non-perishable ingredients needed for the recipe and place them in a large mixing bowl or other cooking utensil. Wrap the container filled with ingredients in cellophane and attach the recipe with a holiday bow.

Christmas Photo Cards are also great gifts. This is an inexpensive way to show others that they are important in your life. These cards are a perfect way to share precious photos along with a heartfelt message.

The truth is, a holiday gift does not have to include anything physical at all. For instance, you can host a gathering and enjoy quality time with others. The event itself is a gift for all to share. Holiday get-togethers provide time to catch up on what has happened over the year and to renew bonds with family and friends.

In a similar fashion, a visit to a friend or loved one can be one of the most appreciated holiday gifts of all. This demonstrates the importance of the relationship in a very intimate way. Because you are dedicating time for a personal visit your friends and loved ones will know you care.

The point is, the holiday season shouldn’t cause stress and worry. It should be a time for making special memories with the people you care about. Sharing a recipe or favorite photo is a wonderful way to personalize the experience. These types of gifts come from the heart and provide keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

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