Spring Holidays

Spring Holidays

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Personalized Mother's Day T-Shirts
Why not make Mom a special shirt that is personalized with love? Give it to her first thing Mother's Day morning and she will feel like the World's Greatest Mom all day long! (This also work ...
Portrait of a Mother
by Teresa Daily It's not every day that you will find a Mom looking in to the eyes of an aged photograph and thanking the image for the love and strength that gets them through the day. ...
Recipe Card Holder Craft
By: Brandie ValenzuelaWhen I was in third grade, we made a Mother's Day gift for our Mom's that I know mine loved. The gift was a recipe card holder. Over 20 years later, this gift is still ...
Scrap Basket Birds
Sew Scrap Basket Birds with the free pattern from The Sewing Loft!
Selecting a Tree for Arbor Day
If you don't think you have room for another tree think again! Here are some small trees that will make a big statement in your garden. ...
Special Beverages for Mom
Treat your mom all day by serving her these special beverages for breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening treat! She will feel pampered from ...
The Best Mother's Day Gifts Are Free!
By Rachel Webb Copyright ©2001 They say that the best Mother's Day gifts are free and I certainly have my share of treasured macaroni ne ...
The Plaid Skirt: Lessons From a Mother
By Teresa HigginbothamMy mother told me so many things. She told me not to mix polka-dots with stripes; she told me nice girls don't give t ...
Victorian May Day Baskets
May baskets evolved from an old tradition that involves gathering fresh flowers or placing small candies inside of a handmade basket.
Washi Tape Jar
Create your personalized decorative jar or vase with washi tape in minutes!
Words of Wisdom from the Refrigerator Door
by T.W. Winslow "To dare every day to be irreverent and bold. To dare to preserve the randomness of mind which in children produces strang ...
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Seasonal Feature
Summer Harvest Tea

Before the cool weather sets in, enjoy the bounty of your herb, flower and vegetable gardens by giving a Summer Harvest Tea Party. Plan your theme around the garden, invite friends and family. Don't make it a formal affair, but rather a way to celebrate everyone's gardens and share produce, flowers, seeds and advice.

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Home & Garden

Harvesting and Using Summer Squash

Summer squash is one of my favorite vegetables. I love the yellow summer squash in particular. They should be harvested while still tender, when they have a "glossy" appearance and are still small. You will most likely need to harvest daily once they start to appear.

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