Preserving Your Outdoor Space

Preserving Your Outdoor Space
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Preserving Your Outdoor SpaceProtecting Your Garden, and Outdoor Space and Equipment

Every year homeowners put a great deal of time and money into their gardens, outdoor spaces, and even their personal equipment and vehicles.

And no matter where you live, there will be rainstorms and other weather that can threaten the health and condition of those things you have invested in. But with a little extra preparation, and some additional tools you can protect your outdoor investments for the long run.

Maintaining Your Garden in Bad Weather

Vegetable and flower gardens can be amazingly resilient when it comes to bad weather. But depending on where you live, heavy rainstorms and strong winds can do some nasty damage if you don’t take some preventative steps to protect your plants.

Susan Glaese and Franklin Sides of Mother Earth News share some helpful measures you can take to maintain your garden no matter what the weather tries to do to it.

- Pick a smart site to plant on.

- Use garden walls and fences.

- Plant trees and shrubs as “living curtains”.

- Divert run-off with trenches and moats.

- Incorporate terracing as a garden structure.

- Used raised beds for better drainage.

- Mulch! It helps to protect plants and their root structures.

- Cover cropping.

- Use individual plant protectors.

- Garden bed protectors.

Protecting Your Outdoor Equipment and Vehicles

Your vehicle, outdoor grill, lawnmower, and other yard equipment can be a costly investment, and it is important that you find ways to protect these investments. Your lawn equipment will be needed for years at least, and your grill is also important for cooking and backyard entertaining throughout the seasons.

Cars are one of the biggest personal investments you can make beyond the purchase of a home, so keeping them running and in good shape for as long as you can, will definitely help your overall budget and cash flow. One of the easiest and more affordable means of protecting these kinds of items is by using covers or portable shelters of some sort.

You can find all kinds of structures from manufacturers like CanopiesAndTarps, or you can check with your local home improvement store for more options. In addition to keeping your mower covered, Consumer Reports suggests some mid-season maintenance to keep your mower in top condition.

- Clean the deck regularly.

- Keep your blades sharpened.

- Watch your oil levels.

- Check tire pressure.

Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture like New

If you have taken the time to prepare an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family, then it is important to maintain it so you don’t have to keep putting money into replacing cushions or other pieces. The experts at DIY Network give a simple 5 step process for keeping your outdoor furniture in great shape for parties and backyard enjoyment.

1. Mix cleaning solution:

    a. 1 tsp. dish detergent.

    b. 1 tsp. Borax.

    c. Mix into 1 quart of warm water and pour into a spray bottle.

2. Saturate the furniture surface.

3. Wait for about 15 minutes, then use a garden hose and spray it thoroughly.

4. After the furniture dries, add a fabric protector.

5. Clean any removable canvas in the washer.

Just because you invest in items or space outside doesn’t mean you have to leave them unprotected and at the mercy of the elements. Using simple gardening techniques, canopies and covers, as well as periodic cleaning can keep your space and items protected for the long run. It will also mean less time, energy, and money spent on replacements and repairs. 



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