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Mother's Day Made Easy
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Mother's Day Made EasyMother’s Day is a lovely holiday set aside for honoring those special ladies called “Mother.” Whether it is a mother, grandmother, step-mother, or “spiritual mother,” there are so many simple and elegant ways to demonstrate your gratitude for all the mothers of your heart. But some of us have an easier time than others coming up with ways to say “I love you.” And “Thank you for raising me.” 

I like to keep gift giving simple and sweet. Because I enjoy crafts such as scrapbooking and crochet I usually rely on one of those mediums to make a homemade gift for my mom, mother-in-law, and precious grandmothers. I’d like to think they enjoy the sentiment, if not the gift! 

If you’re pressed for time or just not the artsy-craftsy sort, there are so many wonderful options for gift-giving on Mother’s Day.


For the Old-fashioned Lovers:

A date for High Tea

A tea-time themed gift (pretty tea cup or special tea blends)

An herbal gift (facial or spa treatments or aromatherapy gifts)

Gardening Supplies

Old fashioned movies/dvds

A rose plant or fruit tree for her garden

Special preserves or homemade breads

Bird feeders or outdoor decorations

A collector’s gift (Plates, miniatures, etc)

Tea towels, apron or linens

Old fashioned candles

Old fashioned herbal blends or cooking supplies

Vintage gifts

Vintage books


For the Idea-Challenged:

A gift basket

A gift card

A fragrance set or perfume

A lunch date on Mother’s Day

A corsage or flower delivery

A garden themed gift: pots, plants

A movie date

A play or musical date

A dinner at her favorite restaurant

A shopping trip

A gadget (Kindle Fire, iPad or other cool gear)

A mini-vacation (Bed & Breakfast stay, etc)

A date night with Dad

A manicure &/or pedicure

A kitchen gadget or crafting tool


For the Budget-Conscious:

A homemade card or gift

A bouquet of home grown flowers

A homemade lunch or tea

A picnic

A recipe box filled with family favorites

A plate of cookies or her favorite treat

A craft or hobby date with you

A hand-print craft made by the grandkids

A small photo brag book or scrapbook

Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day Brunch

An Evening of pampering


For the Techies/Social Media Lovers:

A Facebook message or post

A simple text or photo

A tweet

An e-greeting card

An Etsy gift card

A digital scrapbook page

A blog post

A digital photo album or collage

An online membership (Audible, Netflix or Amazon Prime)

A gift card for electronic books (Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook) 


And speaking of inspiring and crafty gifts, you can always visit online sites like Pinterest or Google to search for all kinds of gifts you can make, bake or locate for your mom. So if none of my ideas sparked your gift-giving muscle, don’t give up! I know you can come up with something thoughtful for Mom. 


There are so many ways to show your mother how much you love her, apart from just gifts! In fact, some moms would prefer you not make a fuss over them – that’s just their way. So why not honor that part of mom too by finding creative no-cost or low-cost ways to express your gratitude for her feeding, clothing and nurturing you! Here’s a list of ideas to get you started. 

For the Super Frugal-Minded:

A phone call or text message

A heartfelt letter

An original poem or song

A work day or other needed task

A play-date with the grandkids

A set of printed family recipes

A walk together

A free concert or movie in the park

Any type of free community event

A trip to the farmer’s market

A book read together

A freezer meal or canned goods shared

A repurposed or upcycled gift


Do you have to wait for Mother’s Day to express your appreciation and love for Mom?

No! In fact, a heartfelt card or phone call received any time of year will greatly bless your mom and show her how much you care for her. Take her to lunch or host a special tea just for her, for no apparent reason and shower her with a little TLC! Random acts of mom gratitude are especially sweet from grandkids too! However you decide to honor your mom, make a sweet occasion of it on Mother’s Day or any time of year!



About The Author

Tia Davis is a writer, wife and mother, living happily ever after with her handsome prince and two charming boys in Western Idaho.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Creative Writing and works from home as a content manager.  When she isn’t chasing little boys she is blogging about them at Mistress of Madness and Mayhem.

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