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lavender sugarSometimes the simplest things in life can be so special.  Since I love to garden, I like to find unusual ways to continue to enjoy the garden's bounty after the season has passed and the blooms have faded.

I gather and dry lavender throughout the summer and there is nothing simpler than flavoring a bit of sugar with its buds.

Lavender sugar is made of only two ingredients, yes lavender and sugar, it really can't get any easier than that!    

For a batch you will need

1 TBS Lavender buds (organic)
2 cups of sugar (I used organic unbleached)

In a spice grinder mix the lavender buds with 1 TBS sugar until finely ground, now simply add this to the rest of the sugar and store it in a decorative jar or covered bowl. For an extra pretty detail I like to garnish mine with a pretty sprig of lavender on top.  The sugar needs to be stored for three days before use, so the lavenders oils can be absorbed by the sugar and then its flavor will last up to six months.

The sugar smells wonderful and carries a light flavor.  It is perfect for baking, sprinkling on sugar cookies or adding to a favorite drink.  A hot cup of tea on a cold winter day sweetened with lavender sugar is extra delightful, when the soothing smell and taste of lavender feeds your soul and take your mind back to a warm summer’s day.  

During the up and coming holiday season, a pretty jar filled with lavender sugar and topped with a bow, makes a thoughtful and very inexpensive hostess gift.

Recipe credit: The Lavender Cookbook, by Sharon Shipley


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