How to Enjoy Old Fashioned Living in the City

How to Enjoy Old Fashioned Living in the City
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How to Enjoy Old Fashioned Living in the City

There is a special breed of people that prefer the city over the quiet laid-back living of the outskirts. The concrete jungle in which they live is where they most feel at home, however that doesn't mean that these city dwellers don't often fantasize about life in the countryside. Life in the countryside conjures up images of a more old fashioned living style that is centered around being self-sufficient and relying on the land.

If you are one of these city dwellers that often find themselves daydreaming about life in the country, hold on before you make any rash decisions. Before you take all your extra possessions out of your Chicago storage unit and accept a hour and a half commute to enjoy old fashion living in the country, give a few of these ideas a try to enjoy the slower paced life in the city you already enjoy:

Grow Your Own

You don't have to live on a farm to grow your own veggies and herbs. In fact, urban gardening has become incredibly popular in recent years, and there are dozens of blogs and sites dedicated solely to the hobby. To grow your own veggies you generally only need a small patio, and herbs can be grown right in your home or apartment, and once established you can enjoy your own home grown produce.

Take Advantage of City Parks

You don't have to drive for hours to enjoy the outdoors. Many urban areas have wonderfully large parks that can be enjoyed year round. To feel more connected with the outdoors, don't shy away from taking full advantage of these parks. Take the family for frequent picnics, bike around on weekends, or simply feel free to take a rest on a blanket or bench to take in some of the lighter sides of life.

Bake Your Own

Living in the city doesn't mean you can't enjoy fresh baked goods. Instead of buying your bread at the store, consider making it yourself. Bread makers can give you a hand if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the process of making bread completely on your own, and either way you will be able to enjoy fresh and more nutritious bread

Bring the Barnyard Home

If old fashioned living conjures up images of barnyard animals in your mind, you can definitely make that a reality in the city. While you can't keep a horse in your apartment, several larger cities do allow residents to keep hens. Not only will it make your home feel a little more farm-like, but having hens will allow you the enjoyment of farm fresh eggs once they reach maturity.

Pick Up an Old Time Hobby

Old timers aren't the only ones who know how to quilt, knit, can, and crochet. If you live in the city, you know that you've got a plethora of classes and educational resources at your fingertips so take advantage of them. Take a class on canning to keep those veggies throughout the year. Learn to quilt at the local art guild or join a stitch and bitch to learn who to knit or crochet.

Living the complete old fashioned life isn't for everyone just like living the city life isn't for everyone. However, that doesn't mean that you have to forgo engaging in a few old time living activities simply because you don't have acreage. There are plenty of ways to learn new skills to become more self-sufficient, and ultimately enjoy some of the finer points of old fashioned living.

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