Home Improvement Weekend!

Home Improvement Weekend!

Home Improvement Weekend!Home Improvement Weekend: DIY Projects You've Been Putting Off

Summer is approaching and that means there should be extra time on your hands. Now that the weather is bearable, you can get to all those home projects you've been meaning to get to. Don't be in denial either, if you have kids, then you have projects that have been needing your attention for some time now.

And if you have kids like mine that could stay and watch movies for hours at a time if you let them, then this could be the perfect opportunity to get them up, moving around, and helping you accomplish these tasks. If you're not sure where to start, try any one of these DIY projects one of these weekends, before it gets too hot:

Added Garage Storage

Wouldn't it feel good to have an organized garage with lots of storage? Maybe it's time to put up some shelving and boards to hang your tools. An organized storage is a real thing, I know, hard to believe sometimes.

You'll need some 1-foot by 4-foot shelves, a series of shelf brackets and wood screws or toggle bolts to mount them, a drill, cordless screwdriver, measuring tape, level and an assortment of screws and nails. Mount the shelf brackets first, using the level. Then attach the boards to the brackets with wood screws. Some of the hooks have screws attached and you can just twist them into the wall or joists. 

Hang small items like a trowel on curved hooks and heavier tools, like a shovel, on straight nails. You can also try the pre-made hanging units that already have a series of hooks attached.

After everything's assembled, get the munchkins to help you put some of the things away. Putting away their outdoor play equipment like soccer balls or roller blades in the new designated areas alongside of them will make them feel involved and interested in helping.

Improve Home Security

With summer time approaching, now might be a good time to consider updating your home security. I want to especially emphasize this if you decide to go out of town for a decent length of time during the hot season like a lot of families tend to do. Some low-cost steps you can take immediately include:

  • Trim bushes that hide windows or doors.
  • Keep the areas surrounding your home well-lit. You can install outside lighting that run on a timer or motion-activated.
  • Install an automatic garage door opener that can be raised and lowered from within the car.
  • Install window stops that prevent windows from being raised far enough for someone to get in. These are great if you have a home with kids regardless.
  • If you don't have dead bolts on your doors, get them. Make sure to use a quality one with a hardened steel bolt.
  • Place "Beware of Dog" signs near the house, in sight of the street. Even if you don't have a dog, people will think twice about entering your property when they see the signs.


Finally, consider getting a legit home security system. Most companies allow you to "get with the times" and run an automated system that you control remotely from your smartphone or tablet, or a simple home alarm that you turn on and off from the main panel.

This feature can be found extra convenient if you've got your handy neighbors to drop by now and again and need to let them in. There's a variety of systems out there so I recommend you explore and compare options at SecurityCompanies.com first before committing to an installation. You'll want the right type for your specific home and neighborhood.

Edging and Tidying up the Yard and Garden

Yard upkeep should be a year-round chore, but given time, your grass and garden plants will creep past the barriers you created for them and this weekend might be the perfect time to  tend to them and get an upgrade. Put in some unique edging to keep those boundaries distinct. 

Edging works like little fencing, four to six inches high. Some need to be partly buried, while other edging uses spikes to hold it in place. Whether wood, concrete or plastic, it comes in a variety of textures and colors. You'll also need a trowel, shovel, hammer or mallet for the spikes and tin snips or heavy scissors to cut plastic edging. 

Begin by clearing off the grass, weeds and other plants on the edge you want to create. Use the shovel to cut a clean edge to mark the boundary. If using edging that needs to be buried, dig a two inch trench where the edging will sit. Once in place, straighten it and push the dirt back around its base.

Keep the path of the edging away from areas that may wash out along with high-traffic areas, or you'll constantly be replacing the edging in these areas as it gets dislodged or stepped on. Look online for garden edging ideas you'll love. You really can't go wrong with yard work with the family. Usually kids like to get their hands dirty, but with a three-day weekend ahead, rewarding them with a day by the pool afterwards will keep them motivated to help out.


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