Flowers Seeds For Spring

Flowers Seeds For Spring
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flower seeds to sew in springFlowers Seeds to Sow in Early Spring!

Early spring is a wonderful time to direct sow seeds of certain annuals that don't mind the cool weather to germinate, and can even tolerate a light frost or a covering of snow.

For those of us in Zones 1 to 6, the temptation to plant before its warm enough is a battle every spring, as our hands itch to start working the soil. Direct seeding may not give instant color, but the rewards are amazing when the blooms burst into the landscape later in the season. 

California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) are a brilliant and cheerful flower that is available in the bright orange variety, but also shades of pink and purple. Poppy seeds can be sown directly into the ground, as early as February. Sprinkle the seeds over the ground, even if there is a small amount of snow or ice. The seeds need light to germinate so it’s better not to cover in soil. 

The Old Dirt Dobbers Garden Book from 1944, shares a tip on cutting poppies: 

“Cut freshly opened poppies very early in the morning and sear the ends immediately with flame or boiling water. Treat an inch or two of the base of the stems and char them thoroughly. Then put them in fresh water and they will last for several days without wilting. Do not cut the stems after the first searing. The large Oriental poppies may be cut the same way.” 

The following flowers can also be sown by seed into the soil as soon as it can be worked. The earlier the seeds are planted, the sooner you'll have blooms in your garden. This doesn't mean the seeds can't be planted later in May or June, but it's nice to have a head start on summer color. 

-Calendula (Calendula officinalis): This sunny herb is daisy-like and a perfect addition to the flower or herb garden. It's also a fun seed for children to plant with its interesting texture. It's a no fuss annual that reseeds easily. 

-Bachelor's button (Centurea cyanus): a lovely cottage garden flower, commonly in shades of blue, but also can be found in white, pinks and purple shades. Bachelor’s button is very easy to grow in any location, except for where the soil is heavy and wet. 

-Spider flower (Cleome hasslerana): Another cottage garden flower with a fun, rather whimsical bloom. This one is nice planted along fence rows, and very easy to sow. 

-Sweet pea (Lathyrus odorata): a favorite spring flower that should be planted about an inch deep. It works really well to dig in compost to the soil, and plant the seeds in a tiny trench rather than individual holes. Sweet peas do need something to climb on, such as a fence, netting, or a trellis. 

The following flowers can also be sown fairly early directly into the soil, and are lovely additions to the garden. 

China aster (Callistephus hybrids)

China pink (Dianthus chinensis)

Four-o'clock (Mirabilis Jalapa)

Nicotiana, (Nicotiana alata)

Nierembergia caerulea

As the daffodils and other spring bulbs make an appearance, it's nice to get out in the garden to plant these easy to grown annuals while enjoying the spring sunshine.


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