Etsy Crafts DIYs Business Heroes

Etsy Crafts DIYs Business Heroes

Etsy Crafts Business HeroesIf you think crafting is a lost art, think again. Last year, Etsy sales grossed $895.1 million — not bad for a marketplace powered by stay-at-home moms and others looking to turn their hobbies into income. With a membership 22 million strong and with 800,00 active sellers, Etsy is thriving as an online alternative to the nine-to-five grind. Read on to learn how the online shopping sensation is helping people embrace their artistic sides and take charge of their careers.

Success Story

One couple, Heather and Michael von Quilich, recently made the spotlight on for their substantial Etsy success. The California couple runs Sunshine Daydream, an Etsy store specializing in children’s embroidery. The store began as an outlet for Heather’s hobby and then exploded as the products gained popularity. Now the couples have abandoned their careers as construction professionals in favor of their Etsy store, and as a result, are earning more money than ever. The couple claims their 2012 sales yielded 25 percent more household income than they ever made as working professionals.

Do it Yourself

For people hoping to replicate the von Quilich’s success, Etsy offers some pointers for newbies. The most important thing, the site claims, is to offer a great product you love to make. They also recommend doing some research to see what others are already selling, so you can tap a niche that isn’t already saturated. Scope out shops you admire to gather inspiration, and think of ways you can modify a product to make it uniquely yours.

Once you know what you’ll sell, the next step is to make it available to customers by opening up an Etsy shop. Don’t worry if you’re not web savvy – Etsy offers an easy overview for setting up shop, from initial registration to getting paid. Once your shop is set up, start selling! You don’t need to have a ton of items to get going. Sell what you have, and add items as you go.

Get Noticed

Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll want to draw customers to your page. You can do this by presenting high-quality images of your items that make it easy to see what you’re offering. Etsy suggests learning to take well-lit photos that showcase the textures, sizes or fit of your items. If you make a wearable product, take a photo of it on a model. If your item has small details, show them off. Detailed product descriptions also help customers feel more comfortable buying from a new seller, so take the time to explain each item thoroughly. Don’t forget to tag your products with keywords and phrases your customers will use to find items like yours.

Keep it Going

You’re going to need great customer service to keep customers coming back. Sandra, owner of Etsy store snapcrafty, points out that four out of five sales are made by repeat customers. Be prepared to respond politely and promptly to customer questions. Consistent and prompt service makes customers comfortable, so reach out to your CenturyLink or other Internet provider, and make sure your Internet connection is reliable. Sandra also suggests using a service such as to create a customer newsletter, which can help people stay up to date with your store. Always embrace opportunities to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. With great products, great marketing and great service, you can enjoy watching your business, and happiness, grow.

Image by Flickr user Manitoba Coupon Maven


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