Choose the Right Flooring

Choose the Right Flooring

Choose The Right FlooringChoosing the Right Flooring for Your Holiday Kitchen Remodel


While renovating a kitchen right before the holidays is stressful, it's nothing compared to the heartache of cracked grout and popped tiles six months later. When there's only a little time to do a lot of renovation, cutting corners is not the way to go. It's better to use materials and techniques that were made for quick installation than to try to achieve a designer look on the sly.

Starting a project of this size just before the holidays is daunting. Installing stone countertops alone can be a two-week process, says Toronto-based interior designer Daniella Caranci. Caranci owns and operates the West End Nest Design Studio. The trick is identifying the biggest pieces of the puzzle and updating accordingly. The small stuff can wait for another day. Get the worst project out of the way first and move forward from there. In any kitchen remodel, the first order of business, aside from demo, is the flooring.

Kitchen Floor Considerations

If you're using a reliable, knowledgeable home remodeling contractor, the flooring part of your project should be pretty straightforward. Bear in mind, however, certain types take longer to install.

  • Concrete: Installing a concrete floor in your kitchen is, at minimum, a five-day process — two days to remove the old flooring, do the prep work and to allow the base to cure, two days for the skim coat to dry and another full 24 hours for the acid stain to set. At the minimum, you're looking at an $1800 investment, but installing a floor of this type can run as high as $4000.
  • Genuine Hardwood: This type of flooring generally takes about 2 days to install from start to finish. The bulk of this time is eaten up in the individual measuring and cutting of each board so it fits exactly. Older homes, especially are often plagued by odd angles and corners that aren't quite square. Installing wood flooring is this type of home can reach nightmarish proportions when each board yields a different measurement. If all goes according to plan, your hardwood floor should be installed within two days, from the preparation of the subfloor to the replacement of the shoe molding. All at a cost of around $1000.
  • Tile: Tile floors also usually take several days to install. Anytime you're using thin set, mortar or grout, you must allow time for each to set up and cure properly. Typically, once the old floor is removed, a layer of thin set goes down under a layer of backer board. The backer board is screwed into place. More thin set goes on top and the individual tiles are seated. At this point, the tiles need to set up for 24 hours before anyone walks on them. Once dry, the grout goes into the grout lines and cures for 30 minutes. The excess is wiped away and the grout is sealed to prevent staining. If porous stone tiles, such as limestone, were used, the whole floor must be sealed and allowed to dry before walking on it. The cost to lay tile varies greatly with the size of the room and the types of tiles used. At minimum, to tile an average-sized kitchen, expect to spend at least $2000.

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