Camping With Your Kids

Camping With Your Kids
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Camping with your kids!Creating Moments For Quality Time

Let's be honest, finding time to do it all can be stressful. If you are like most families, you are barely hanging onto the balancing act called life. From dance class, baseball practice, homework, your professional life, cooking, cleaning, bills; it is nearly impossible to fit in quality time. Your schedule is like a well-oiled machine. Wake up at 6:00, feed kids at 7:00, bus at 7:45 and so on. While, keeping to this routine is ultimately healthy for your kids, it is equally important for them to enjoy the simpler things in life. Scheduling that time could be the perfect way to make sure it happens. 

Weekends are a great time to do that. Plan a camping trip; show your kids the old fashioned way of living. Resources like Campmor promo will help you to find the most convenient, inexpensive ways to enjoy the beautiful life outdoors. 

No worries if your son has baseball practice, missing one day is not going to change his path or love for the sport. Take away all cell phones or other technological distractions. So, your kids might throw an initial fit as you have just taken their favorite gadgets, but they will get over it. Time with the family is something you cannot replace. 

Pack up the car with all of the essentials. Food, tents, sleeping bags, clothes and anything else you consider fun. Maybe some washers, a volleyball net, and even a kickball, nothing that excludes any member of your family. When planning this trip, pack a cooler with easy to prepare items; hamburgers, hotdogs, lunch meat and bread are all good items to include.

When setting up your site, have your kids be a part of the process. Teach your kids how to set up a tent, use it as a time to increase their knowledge. They will never forget that moment they learned how to put up a tent. From here on out, every time they are in this situation, they will remember the first time they got to help. 

Don't lose sight that this weekend is to get away from the busy life, while showing your kids how fun simplicity can be. Cooking dinner over an open fire is a great way to learn about one another. It takes sitting down as a family to a whole new level. Gather up some sticks, put hot dogs on them and go to town. After dinner, it's time for some roasted marshmallows. If your family is musically inclined, or maybe just enjoy singing no matter how poor it sounds, end the night with some campfire songs. If music doesn't suit your fancy, maybe some ghost stories will be the perfect way to end your evening.

The sun has come up, all the family has risen and it is time to continue on a wonderful simple weekend. Spend the day playing games. They could be as simple as tag. Keep your family moving and laughing. Vitamin D is a natural mood stabilizer. So long as you are in the sun, your family should be feeling good. There is nothing better than a day filled with no responsibility outside of collecting wood for the fire that is sure to come with dinner. 

Does this sound like the getaway your family needs? If you are like most families, this sounds a little bit like paradise. Even for those who may not love bugs or sleeping outdoors, the experience is one that every family needs. Going camping will help you all to appreciate nature, something we all forget to do sometimes. 

Just don't forget to find the promo codes that will suit your needs. Are you in the market for a new tent? Or just looking for the most inexpensive camp site? Either way, finding deals and saving money is important to all families. 




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