Bring the Beach Indoors for Winter

Bring the Beach Indoors for Winter

The holidays may be over, but baby, it’s cold outside! For all you snuggling up in the warmth of your home before seasons change, why not beat winter blues with some happy home decor? Because let’s all be honest, we’re not going anywhere for awhile.

According to Forbes, the United States is the 12th happiest country in the world. Not the brightest rank, let’s look to our neighbors down under for some Aussie decor secrets as they are the 4th happiest country in the world. Now, we’re going a little out of the box here, but it’s time to get beachy with style. Your mind is probably anywhere but the beach with all the recent gloomy days and lots of snow, but your environment has a big impact on happiness. Colors, scents and decor are key elements to a happier home and a happier you. Hang ten and get into the coastal, laidback vibe even in the coldest climates with these home decor and design tips:

  1. Indoor bar: There’s just something about having a bar in your house that screams "vacation". Now, we’re not saying you have to hire a contractor and knock down walls. Rolling bars are all the rage right now and simple to create. Rolling bars can be purchased at most big-name stores, or you can even use a shelf or add wheels to a shelf you already have. Australian home furnishings company Wayfair has a ton of "hall stands" (that's what they call these small tables in Australia) that would make a perfect bar. Stash with some fruity drink mixers, your brightest glasses, and anything else colorful. Splurge on some pretty party napkins, drink stirrers and coasters. Wayfair has a ton of options and the best part is, you don’t even have to embark outside in the cold.

  2. Party Time: With your new bar, take it a step further and invite your friends over to show it off! Keep it casual by serving summery drinks and kicking back with you closest gal pals. Not only will the bright, summer vibe cheer you up, but being with friends can actually boost your mood, as Psychology Today explains.

  3. Lounge: Can you think of anything better than lounging on the beach with a good book? Do the next best thing and purchase some comfy bamboo or wicker furniture that's perfect for relaxing on a cold winter day. Remember to up the comfort with fluffy pillows, towels and anything else you need to create an at-home beach.

  4. Fresh Flowers: What's better than the smell and look of fresh flowers? You’re right, nothing. Walking into a cozy home with gorgeous flowers blooming can cheer anyone up, on even the chilliest days. Go to your local market and pick out fresh, beachy or brightly looking flowers and plants to brighten up every corner of your home.

  5. Summer Scented Candles: Ditch the pine and create a chill vibe by adding some glow to your home with candles that smell like summer. Beachy, floral and tropical scents are a great way to brighten up your home, and the happy smells will remind you of warmer weather and relaxing vacation days.

Whatever you choose, remember to go outside your comfort zone and escape the dull, broody colors and scents of winter.


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