A Watermelon Basket for All Occasions

A Watermelon Basket for All Occasions
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Watermelon BasketWatermelon baskets are easy to create, but look as if they were made by  professional caterers.  With a little extra work ,  the basket can be tailored to a party theme and used as a center piece.

We made ours specifically for our son’s graduation open house, but below the instructions there are tips for other variations.  The watermelon basket not only served as a centerpiece, but guests scooped up spoonfuls of fresh fruit during the open house, which is always a favorite.

Watermelon Basket with Fresh Fruit


1 large Watermelon                       

2 medium cantaloupes                  

1 pound green seedless grapes

1 pound red seedless grapes

5 kiwi

1 quart strawberries           

2 pints blueberries

3 toothpicks

The fruit can be varied, except for the watermelon and cantaloupe, but we stayed away from any that would oxidize such as apples, pears, bananas, etc.

For the graduation hat:                       

1 piece of poster board of color of choice

Clear tape

Tassel, color of choice

Cap Directions :

Cut an 8" X 8" square from one corner of the poster board.

Cut a 1 1/2" X 18" strip with 6 tabs from the same color

(We drew out the strip and drew a tab every 3" and cut the strip out, cutting around the tabs).

Curl the strip into a 15" circle, overlapping 3", and tape to hold together.

Fold the tabs over to the inside of the circle, even with the side of the strip.

Tape the folded tabs to the bottom of the 8" square, centering it evenly.

Tape the tassel to the center of the top of the 8" square.

Prepare the fruit:

Wash the blueberries and grapes, then drain.

Cut the strawberries into bite sized pieces, discarding stems.

Peel the kiwis, quarter length-wise and slice into pieces.

Cut 1 cantaloupe into bite sized pieces, discarding rind.

Peel the remaining cantaloupe, leaving whole, and set aside. Don’t do this more than an hour before serving.

Slice the watermelon length-wise and scoop out all of the flesh. Cut the flesh into bite sized pieces and set aside. This should not be done more than an hour before serving as well.

Assembly of the basket:

Place one half of the scooped out watermelon on a platter or tray slightly larger than the melon.

Mix all of the fruit except watermelon and the whole, peeled cantaloupe. Place the mixed fruit in the cavity of the watermelon half.  Leave a small depression in the fruit at one end of the melon.

Place the paper cap on the top of the peeled whole cantaloupe

Slice one red grape length-wise. Use a toothpick to place the two halves on the front of the peeled cantaloupe below the cap for the eyes. Cut the toothpick even with the grape to hide.

Place a blueberry below the grape eyes, centering it to make a nose. Fasten with a toothpick, the same as the grapes.

Place the cantaloupe in the depression at the end of the fruit basket positioning it in  the fruit so it sits without tipping.

Arrange the cut up watermelon around the basket on the platter.

Cap Variations

Baby Shower: Line a baby hat with plastic for the hat, and carve out a little hole where the mouth should be, sticking in a pacifer.

Birthday: Make or buy as cone shaped birthday hat, and use instead of the graduation hat.

Bridal Shower: Buy white tulle from a craft store.  Make the graduation cap, but instead of a square top, cut it into a circle, attach the tulle to act as a veil and top with silk flowers in the bride’s wedding colors.


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