Fourth of July Frugal Decor

Fourth of July Frugal Decor
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Fourth of July Frugal DecorFrugal Decorating for the 4th!

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the combination of red, white and blue splashed all over downtown, in hobby stores and even at the mall. I also love Americana theme décor for the kitchen and home (and not just because I’m an American).

And even though summer “officially” begins on June 21st, it doesn’t feel like it really begins until the 4th of July. Maybe it’s just me. It’s so much fun to throw up some decorations around your house and yard, especially if you are hosting a barbecue or backyard party in honor of Independence Day and summer in general.

But do you put up some festive banners, bunting, pinwheels and more without breaking your bank account and entertainment budget? I’ve got a few ideas for creating a frugal, fun, festive atmosphere your family and friends will admire and enjoy! 

The local Dollar Store is your friend. 

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to decorations. Visit the toy section and look for patriotic pinwheels, pompoms and other toys that can easily be used as party favors, in table centerpieces or as added splashes of color on shelves and mantles. 

For the front porch or around your fence, visit the party supply aisle and pick up some plastic red, white and blue table covers. Use these bunched together and strung across railings or fences to create patriotic banners or bunting. You can even bunch these up and fluff them out on a serving table to add pop and flair for under the serving bowls and platters. The plastic table covers are inexpensive and easy to take down and toss in the trash when you’re done, without the guilt of what to do with a bunch of 4th of July fabric. 

Don’t forget to go down the paper and plastics aisle. Pick up plain white paper plates. If the dollar store has colored plastic ware, choose red or blue (or both) to accent your white plates. I always check for plastic cups too. If they get tossed or cracked, it won’t hurt your feelings because you can always get more at the dollar store. 

At our dollar store they usually have an aisle dedicated to the nearest holiday. I have found tiny flags, window clings, star shaped tinsel strings and all kinds of crazy stuff that can be turned into crafty décor. Add flags and tinsel to flower pots, around window ledges, shelves, as part of your centerpieces or any place else you can think of that needs more festive color. I like to wrap the star tinsel around poles, posts or serving spoon handles to add some sparkle. 

Speaking of sparklers, sometimes you can find really great deals on packages of sparklers too. If your local dollar store doesn’t stock sparklers, you can always grab some at the fireworks stand. Sparklers are fun to stick down in flower arrangements or other center pieces. When it’s time to let off some fireworks, just grab the sparklers out and light them up! 

Use your food to decorate with too!

Get creative with your food menu on the 4th. Use your food to decorate with red, white and blue – this is always fun for the kids too. There are plenty of tutorials around the web and even here at OFL for how to turn watermelons into serving dishes, and other fun ways to decorate with fruit. 

Flag cakes are fun to display and eat too. A basic flag cake has strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows arranged in the shape of the American Flag on some flavor of cake covered in white frosting or whipped cream. 

And you can’t go wrong with Cherry red punch or blue raspberry Kool-Aid. Mix up a simple punch or Kool-Aid in patriotic colors and then display them in glass or clear plastic pitchers. Also, if you have ice trays, you can create colored ice cubes. Another fun idea is to add blueberries or raspberries to your ice cube trays before freezing. Then serve lemonade or iced tea with the frozen berry ice cubes! Those are a big hit too. 

There are so many more fun frugal ways to decorate for and celebrate the 4th of July. Best of all, most of these ideas can be used for any patriotic holiday or event, such as Labor Day, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Not from the US? Change out red, white and blue to feature your country’s or national flag’s colors to achieve the same great frugal décor! 

Happy Independence Day!



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